The Hive Method- bringing together business consulting, business coaching, and virtual administration

Have you ever looked at a bee’s hive? I mean REALLY looked.

No? As a an entrepreneur, maybe you should take the time to watch the bees. Watch how they all work together. Notice how they all have the same goal. Recognize how every single bee has a job. Every single bee is important. Every single bee makes a difference.

There are many things one can learn from a beehive. This article goes into more detail on the specifics, but there are basics too. There is a specific mentality in a beehive. It is the survival of the hive. Every bee works together toward one goal and puts that main goal above each individual task or idea. That is The Hive Method.

If you were to look up the definition of a hive, you will find “a place swarming with activity.”  Is that what you think of when you think of your business? Maybe you see it swarming with activity but that activity is all over the place and not uniform, strong, and building toward a common goal. The Hive Method is a revolutionary approach to your business.   

The Hive Method

BizEBee created The Hive Method to bring together business consulting, business coaching, and virtual administration.  A business consultant will pick your business apart, identify weaknesses, and tell you what changes to make. A business coach will help you rely on your own knowledge and experience, and guide you into using that knowledge. A virtual assistant will do the things you don’t have time for. With these three things combined, your business can be like a bee hive. Imagine what it would be like to have all of these things working together like a well-oiled machine.

The thing with The Hive Method is that nobody is alone in the hive. The leader is immersed in everything while the rest of the bees swarm around them working for the good of the whole hive. Nothing is put completely on one individual. Everything is a team effort.  As a hive, everybody works toward the common goal of making your business successful, and helping you maintain that success.

Why would you want to have three different people working separately with you and your business when you can have The Hive Method, and those three people working for you with communication, common goals, and the hive mentality?