Why You Should Use Social Media for Your Business


People use social media for everything these days. From reading the news, communicating with friends, and even shopping. For that reason, it’s a necessity to have social media accounts for your business. Social channels can really grow your business, so you’re definitely missing out if you aren’t taking advantage of them. Let’s discuss some ways social media can help take your business to the next level.

Revenue. Social media can be used as an eCommerce to make purchases and having that option makes it more likely for someone to order when they come across your accounts.

Brand Exposure. As you gain followers, people who aren’t following you will see your accounts as well. If you’re frequently posting good content so that your followers like and share it, then you’ll keep gaining followers. This will also allow your business to be seen constantly, so your company will be the first one that comes to mind when someone needs to make a purchase.

Brand Development. Social media gives your company a voice. By sharing content and interacting with followers, your company has a personality associated with it and seems more humanized. That way, people feel like they’re talking to someone who cares instead of an online robot.

Crisis Management and Customer Service. If your business is facing a public relations problem, you need to be able to address it quickly. Social media will allow you to do that, and it’s a way to respond to customer inquiries in just minutes, giving them the instant gratification they desire.

Research. You can use your company’s social channels to see what competitors are doing, which you can help you make business decisions. Social media channels offer real-time analytics to get important information about your followers like age, location, and gender. You’ll also find industry news on socials, especially LinkedIn and Twitter.

Gain Traffic on your Website. Sharing content like blogs from your website to your social channels can further increase traffic to your site and boost sales.

Targeting Ads. Digital ads can be purchased through social media channels to target any desired demographic, which will drive more people to your accounts and your website.

The big takeaway is that social media is a must if you want to keep growing your business. If you plan on targeting groups like millennials, who use social media daily, then having multiple channels for your business can play a big role in its success.

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Keep business running during holidays, slow season for business

Keep Your Business Running During The Holidays

Keep business running during holidays, slow season for business

It is that time again! The holidays are here, and business is starting to show the signs of the slower season. Don’t fret! You can keep your business running during the holidays while preparing for the next season to come! Here are some ways to keep your business running during the holidays.

1. Focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t. If you focus on all the business you do not have during the slow season, you aren’t able to look at what you can do! Spend this time focusing on building a plan to better your business. If you noticed that your infrastructure isn’t functioning well, now is the time to figure out a plan.

2. Make a plan for streamlining. Now is the best time to reflect on what you needed help with when you were in the busy season. Get a plan in place for streamlining this. If you thought you needed help with certain things, figure out how to get that help and hire somebody now – not when you actually need them! Get a person comfortable in helping with your business and then they will be ready when you really need it.

3. Show yourself! Take pictures of your holiday activities and share them with your social media followers. Putting up a Christmas tree? Take a picture of it and encourage others to share theirs. Make your followers see you as a real person, and not just a business. The more somebody sees that you care to share your life with them, the more you will be on their mind when they need what your business offers.

4. Plan ahead! The holidays come at the same time every year. Record your sales, income, and expenses for this time. Try to plan ahead before the holidays hit so you know exactly what to expect. If you notice you spend a lot more during this time, you can either save up early, or set a spending budget so you don’t hurt your business.

5. Stay connected with your customers. This can be a simple email, text, or even a phone call just to say happy holidays. Spend your spare time showing you are thinking of them, and that you appreciate their loyal business. This is the best time to nurture your relationships and show your clients you really care.

6. Take time off! I know this doesn’t really keep your business running right now, but it will give you the break you need to do great during the busy season. Take a vacation while you are slow. Relax, breath, spend time with family, and enjoy having time to do this before you get busy again.

What are some things that you have found help you get through the holiday season? If you decide you need help preparing your business for the busy season, give us a call! You can also schedule your appointment now to see what we can do for you.

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Biggest Realtor Mistakes

5 Biggest Realtor® Mistakes

As a Realtor® there are many mistakes that you may be making without even knowing it. A few reasons these Realtor® mistakes happen are because of being overwhelmed, not having the help needed, and being too busy to handle everything. Being busy is not a bad thing, but it can be if mistakes are being made because of it, and you don’t have the help you need. Go down the list and see if you are making an of these mistakes.

Are You Making These Realtor® Mistakes?

  1. Grabbing all that sparkles. When you see a program, or a website that looks like something you would use, you sign up and purchase whatever is needed for it. Then the site sits there doing nothing because it won’t do anything without you programing and telling it to. No matter how many programs or websites you sign up on, if you don’t have the time or knowledge to manage them, they will just be another thing you have a password for and are paying for. Not everything that sparkles is good!
  2. Letting relationships go. If you are not following up with your friends, previous clients, and family, you are missing out on a huge network that WANTS to help you succeed! Keep you sphere close and let them know you are still good at what you do.
  3. Not keeping current. Your database is the heart of your business. This goes with letting relationships go. Keeping your database current and updated is vital to the success of your business. Doing a little now will save you from doing a lot later.
  4. Where are you? Do you only market yourself when you think of it, or when you have spare time? Sporadic marketing can be as bad as not marketing at all. If you aren’t marketing frequently, you should be.
  5. Who are you? When clients see your business do they see you, or your brokerage? Do you want your clients to know your name or do you want them to know who you work for? If you are not branded, or only branded partially, you may want to reconsider.

Are you making these Realtor® mistakes? Let us be your real estate consultant and help you organize your business-services. If you are interested in more information, or for a FREE Business Analysis, call us at 202-469-6774.

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