Virtual Administration

BizEBee Virtual Assistants Take The Virtual Assistant World To A Whole New Level. We Assign A Professional Project Manager To Every Account To Make Sure Every Account Is Ran Efficiently And Productively.

A clean and functional database can be a marketing source, lead capturing system, listing and transaction tracking system, and  some are even dialers.

At BizEBee Virtual Assistants, we have extensive knowledge of multiple  databases. We can clean up and properly code your contacts, as well as sync lead sources and set up email campaigns.

BizEBee can also do ongoing lead management for your database. We can add any lead or contact you meet and make sure they are codded properly and receiving the correct campaigns.

Your Database is the heart of your business. It is how you keep up with you past and current clients, stay in touch with SOI, and keep notes so you  know what is going on with everyone and everything.

But, it can be so much more…..

We Can Also......

  • Manage your email
  • Handle your recruiting
  • On-board new staff
  • Create Spreadsheets
  • Manage your leads
  • Research
  • Manage your calendar or schedule
  • Create systems and processes
  • Manage projects
  • Set up your database
  • Send invoices
  • Schedule appointments
  • Communicate with vendors
  • Create documents
how can we help you?

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I have used BizEBee for about a year now. I’m so glad I found them. They have increased my business productivity, allowed me more time to grow, added revenue, and increased my financial bottom line tremendously. I would highly recommend that you start with them today, and once you do you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner.

Jason J. MD

Awesome service and I would definitely recommend it.

Robert C. SC

Have a project in mind?

Do you want to know the best part? There is no lag time or training. We jump right in!

Here Are Just A Few Systems We Have Experience With

Top Producer
Comissions Inc
Referral Maker
Vulcan 7
Follow Up Boss
Lion's Desk
Paperless Pipeline
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel

why choose us

We Have The Experience

We can work with all of the top databases in the industry. We review, organize, clean and manage your database helping you maximize its potential.

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Streamline The Process

BizEBee can stream line your lead management, marketing, and followup by making sure you are using your system to it’s fullest. We can connect your lead sources and make sure you newsletters and email campaigns go to the right audience.

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Never Lose Another Lead

Do you contact your database as often as you should? So you know how many leads are in your database? We can clean, code, and tag your database. Once you have a clean database, setting up action plans and drip campaigns will ensure you leads never slip through the cracks.

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