The National Association of Realtors website states that 54% of buyers and 64% of sellers found the agent they worked with either from a personal referral or they used an agent they had worked with before. How do you think the client will find the contact information for that Agent? The same goes for most industries. They will do an online search by the AGENT’S NAME not by the Real Estate Company’s name. This is one of the many reason’s branding yourself online is so important.

You may think “My brokerage supplies me a website so why should I add the expense of my own”. This is a great point, but do you stand out from the rest of the agents there? Do you get to keep your website if you switch brokerages?

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What All Goes Into Branding?

A great logo is critical to help identify your company and make you stand out from the rest. Your logo will also set the feel and look of your business and marketing.

Most clients will not even think about using a company that does not have a website. Very few people find companies without looking online. Without a website you greatly lessen your chances of being found.

Your header will be the first thing anyone sees. This is very import because it sets the tone of what you are trying to present.

When you are creating an image for your self, consistency is key. Brand colors will half keep your marketing consistent with your brand.

It is hard to believe that something so small is so important but icons act as mini logos and will help people identify your company.

Footers are the last thing people see so you want to make sure you make a good impression and stay consistent.

Everyone has an email signature but you want to make sure it includes your logo and other branding features.

I know fonts may not seem important but they are. Fonts set the tone for what you are saying and it is very important to be consistent with your brand.

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