Fun and Cheap Spring Break Ideas

For many of you, it is Spring Break time! Some people book exotic and faraway vacations. Some of you have to work and find Spring Break care for your kids. Others have some extra time off to spend with the kids, but are looking for fun and cheap Spring Break Ideas.

Get Outside

Getting outside brightens everybody’s day! Go for a nature walk and recognize the great things that earth has to offer. You can also go for a bike ride. If you have a fire pit outside, spend the day outside by your fire pit pretending you are camping. Make s’mores, cook hotdogs on the fire, and even play cards by the fire. There are plenty of things you can do outside that are free, or very close to it!

Movie Day

If the weather isn’t very nice, set up a movie day. Go to Redbox and rent a few movies. Set up your living room as much like a theater as you can and have a movie day! Turn the lights off, make popcorn, and enjoy the day with your family. You can even let everybody pick a movie so that nobody feels left out. It can be a fun day for all!

Start a Garden

If you ever wanted a garden, now is the time. You and your family can spend time outside together creating a garden. You can spend time researching what will work at your house, plan out your garden, and get supplies. Once you have everything, you can all work together to create a garden you will all love.

Do Crafts

Have you ever wanted to do some crafts with the kids but just don’t have the time? Now you can have the time! Take a day, pull out some random craft supplies, and let loose. You will be amazed at what the kids, and yourself, will come up with. 

Remember that sometimes less is more. Quality time together beats a full schedule any day! We hope you have a great Spring Break no matter what your activities end up being! Our goal is to help you reach your goals while freeing up your time for things you really want to do. If you are interested in more information, or for a FREE Business Analysis, call us at 202-469-6774.

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