Do my hours roll over?

If you are on the month to month plan, your hours will roll over for up to 60 days. If you are on a contracted plan, your hours do not roll over. If we see you purchasing more hours than you need then we will speak with you about lowering your plan or adding new projects.

What is the refund policy?

If you unhappy  are with the competed tasks we will make any revisions free of charge or credit hours back to your account.

What times will my assistant be available?

This will be determined between you and your Project Manager.

Do you work holidays or weekends?

BizEBee values family and leave it up to our Assistants to decide if they are working on a holiday or weekend.

What is the turn around time?

Our Assistants will respond within 24 business hours to all tasks.

We understand that things pop up and you may need help immediately. For rush jobs, it is up the Assistant to let you know if it is feasible. and you will be charged time and a half  at the Assistant’s discretion.

Do you customize your work?

All of our work is 100% customized and we never duplicate.

Will my information be secure?

All of your information is 100% secure. Everything is held in a secure server with restricted access.

Do you have contracts or is it month to month?

BizEBee offers both. We offer a month-to-month contract at $25 per hour and a six-month contract at a discounted rate of $23 per hour. You can switch to a six-month contract at any time.

What if i decide to cancel?

We understand that things come up. We have various things we can do. If you just need to pause, we can pause your contract and hold your hours for up to 6 months. If you are needing to quit all together, we ask that you give us 2 weeks to tie up all loose ends on your account and then we can refund any unused hours up to 1/2 of your month’s allotted hours. All other refunds are at the discretion of management.

how can we help you?

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Awesome service and I would definitely recommend it.

Robert C. SC

We have used BizEBee for over a year now. We have used a variety of their services and they never fail to impress. The owner of the company is very hands on and ensures that any questions or concerns are immediately addressed. Our assistant is extremely talented, she keeps us on track and is always on the ball. Utilizing BizEBEE has truly saved us time and money and we anticipate many more years of success with their assistants.

Cierra F. CA