Easy April Fools’ Pranks

It is April 1st tomorrow, and you all know what that means! Time for pranks and fun. This has been a long time tradition that grows stronger every year. There are everything from major pranks, to easy and harmless pranks. I have gathered some easy April Fools’ pranks for you to try out!
Pranks for Kids: (Gathered from Mommy Poppins)
Put a egg-dye tab on your kid’s faucet so in the morning the water runs out in a totally different color!
Stuff something soft into your child’s shoes toward the toes. When they go to put them on they won’t understand why they can’t fit into their own shoes!
Do a clothes switch! Put adult clothes in place of their clothes so when they go to get dressed they grab the wrong things.
Dress with all of your clothes on backwards and act like it is completely normal. Have your kids go change their clothes to be “normal” too!
Feed them veggies for breakfast! When it is time to eat breakfast, fill their plates up with veggies and act like that is completely normal.
Adult Pranks: (Found at Bored Panda)
Cut out bug shapes and tape them inside lamp shades! 
Attach an airhorn to your co-worker’s seats so when they sit down it sets it off.
Paint the bar of soap in the shower or at the sink with clear nail polish. They will have no idea why the soap isn’t “working.”
Know an icecream lover? Replace the ice cream with ice! They won’t know what happened!
This one may be a bit time consuming, but replace gum in a pack with the same colored playdough! They won’t understand why their gum tastes so bad.
I hope you have fun pranking your friends and family! Happy April Fool’s Day!

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