Have you ever looked at a bee’s hive? I mean REALLY looked.

No? As a an entrepreneur, maybe you should take the time to watch the bees. Watch how they all work together. Notice how they all have the same goal. Recognize how every single bee has a job. Every single bee is important. Every single bee makes a difference.

There are many things one can learn from a beehive. There is a specific mentality in a beehive. It is the survival of the hive. Every bee works together toward one goal and puts that main goal above each individual task or idea. That is The Hive Method.

If you were to look up the definition of a hive, you will find “a place swarming with activity.”  Is that what you think of when you think of your business? Maybe you see it swarming with activity but that activity is all over the place and not uniform, strong, and building toward a common goal. The Hive Method is a revolutionary approach to your business.   

The Hive Method

BizEBee created The Hive Method to bring together business consulting, business coaching, and virtual administration.  A business consultant will pick your business apart, identify weaknesses, and tell you what changes to make. A business coach will help you rely on your own knowledge and experience, and guide you into using that knowledge. A virtual assistant will do the things you don’t have time for. With these three things combined, your business can be like a bee hive. Imagine what it would be like to have all of these things working together like a well-oiled machine.

The thing with The Hive Method is that nobody is alone in the hive. The leader is immersed in everything while the rest of the bees swarm around them working for the good of the whole hive. Nothing is put completely on one individual. Everything is a team effort.  As a hive, everybody works toward the common goal of making your business successful, and helping you maintain that success.

Why would you want to have three different people working separately with you and your business when you can have The Hive Method, and those three people working for you with communication, common goals, and the hive mentality?

What is a business consultant?

Put simply, a consultant is an adviser or expert who gives advice based on expertise in a specific area. The main difference between a coach and a consultant is the focus. A consultant recommends certain actions and may also teach clients certain skills.
In short, a consultant brings expertise in a specific area. A professional coach brings expertise in helping people connect with their own innate wisdom to define and achieve the goals they have set for themselves.
While consulting may be sharply focused on one specific issue, coaching takes a holistic view, and it allows you to explore how all the different parts of your life and work are connected and affect each other.

What is business coaching?

Professional Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that successful people use to help them pursue their passions and strengths. A coaching relationship is designed based on the client’s interests and goals. Discussion, questions and requests are used to assist the client as he or she reflects, identifies goals, develops strategies to reach them, takes action and adapts to challenges along the way.
A professional coach might brainstorm with you or make observations based on his expertise. While a coach may have expertise in a particular area, the primary focus of a coach is to help the client make their own choices and find what will work best for them.
Research has demonstrated that the relationship-based skillful listening and questions provided by trained coaches through professional coaching leads to reflection and new learning and successful application of the learning in clients daily lives.
Coaching is not psychotherapy or counseling which deal with past events and how they relate to your thoughts and feelings in the present. While professional coaching does pay attention to your feelings, coaching focuses on the present and future, and is oriented towards the client applying learning to their life (and business) in order to move forward in practical ways.

What is a virtual team member

A virtual team member is an administrative professional that telecommutes. At BizEBee our team members are: professional, experienced, certified, educated, and specialized in their service area. As a client with BizEBee you will receive a project manager and access to a team of specialized virtual team members.

What is the Hive Method?

Whether coaching, or consulting, or a blend of them is best for you depends on your needs and values, as well the complexity of the situation and your time constraints.
While it can be helpful to know the differences, we work in hybrid mode, as both coach and consultant. This allows us the flexibility to give you the best of both professions.
BizEBee also staffs Professional Virtual Team Members to take things off your plate so you can do what you do best- grow your company.
By combining these three things we are able to “think outside of the box” and keep you ahead of the curve. Because we custom create all systems based on your business needs, your brand stands out.
Gone are the days of premade systems……

What are some benefits of the Hive Method?

The Hive Method promotes a system where all areas of your business work together for one common goal. This includes having a business culture that encourages your team to make your goals their goals. If your team feels and acts like a team, it allows for more productivity and and increase of involvement in the day to day. This allows you more free time to be the visionary for your business.

The Hive Method also looks at your business as a living ecosystem. All parts are important to the survival and growth. At BizEBee we specialize in “outside of the box” thinking which allows up the ability to look at things different and come up with solutions that work.

Having a coach and a consultant are equally important. They do and think different ways, but both are vital in creating systems and growing. Having a team to back you is equally as important. The Hive Method uses all three to get your business where you dream it should be.

Sometimes we are just too close to our business to really assess it’s needs. With the Hive Method, you have a team of expects to help with that. Your goals become our goals and we are with you every step of the way.

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